Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Battling Back...

Well, it's been awhile since I posted on here, I've had a lot of graduating to do.
Now undergraduate is done and I start working in about two weeks, so I'm enjoying my two week summer.
I'll start law school in the fall.
Anyway, back to the sports.
After a very troubling start to the season, the Arkansas Razorback Baseball Program has caught fire down the stretch, leading them to the #5 seed in the SEC Tournament.
I've watched most every game this season, but really haven't gotten into the commentary until now just wanting to hear what others are saying.
After the Michael Bernal Walk-off Double last night against #12 seed Tennessee, I think we might can surprise some people this year.
I hope we pull out this game versus 4 seed and #7 Florida, but in the SEC there are no easy wins.
I think we're getting a two seed regardless, but if we make a run this week, then we might can swing a regional host site.
Once again, I'll be posting a final scoring of my Bracketology pretty soon, but for my first year, I can call it officially a HUGE success. Well above average finish, above several of the national broadcasters and I look forward to another great year in 2015-16!