Thursday, June 11, 2015

Stead Scholars and #OMAHOGS

Wow, this summer has been a whirlwind.
Any break that I was to have this summer has now been replaced with an internship I'm completing with the Arkansas Department of Health. As many of you know, I was selected to be a Stead Scholar this Summer and I'm working with the Arkansas Department of Health Legal Counsel to coordinate a project that, upon completion, I will be presenting to the State Board of Health and the Science Advisory Committee. It is a true honor to be able to work with such a knowledgeable bunch of people and especially within the field of interest for me.
I will say that it concerns tobacco, a hot button issue in Arkansas today. I'll be giving more information as I compile my research and revise my proposals/plan of action, but I learned two key things today concerning smoking.
1. Many transplant centers will not give organs to those who smoke and plan to continue after the transplant.
2. This generation has the tools to put an end to smoking. We know the consequences and what it can prevent you from doing, but it can extend your life by an average of ten years, should you quit by age 35. Those who are older still can extend their life by 3-4 years if they stop after age 65.
Our nation has is one of six to have cut smoking rates down DRAMATICALLY (by over 50%) in the recent past and we are down to only 18% of Americans smoking cigarettes!

This research is outside anything I've ever really considered, so I'm already learning quite a lot and would LOVE to talk about it with anyone interested in greater detail.
(This is constructive discussion material, not fit for personal attacks or judging others).

The Arkansas Razorback Baseball team shocked some people by running through the Stillwater Regional. Dave Van Horn, in perhaps his most well-rounded coaching job at Fayetteville led the team to a Regional Championship, where they then (by luck of Missouri State sharing a ball field) hosted the Super Regional Round. They beat Missouri State 2-1 in a best of three set and now are truly the #OMAHOGS!!
They play Virginia on Saturday at 2 pm on ESPN!
Great day to be alive, enjoy and value every breath!
Thanks for being such supportive readers!
Love you guys!
- Josh