Monday, October 5, 2015

Joe Philbin is out as head coach of the Miami Dolphins

Well, we all knew it was coming.
At the bye week, Miami is 1-3 and should be 0-4.
When the year started, the fan base was prepared to finally make a playoff push behind Ryan Tannehill.
Obviously, standards were overhyped and it is just another rebuilding cycle down on South Beach.
While I'll never falter from my passion of fandom with the organization, Miami is watching the window dwindle around the "best" years of this team in place. The talent is there, we just need a leader to step up and make the difference.
Joe Philbin is a great guy and a great coordinator, but it is just obvious that the team hasn't bought into his philosophy or the talent just isn't meshing together as it should.
Looking forward to seeing the new identity of the team against the Tennessee Titans during Week 6 to just see what a new leader can do in the play calling.
Go Phins!....even if it is just another year of mediocrity.