Sunday, July 3, 2016


Well, now that it's Monday, it's the big day. It's the day that Kevin Durant is defining his career in one respect or another, either to stay with the team that he's been with since his first day in the league, or follow a new adventure to another location.
Back in 2008, when the Seattle Supersonics relocated to Oklahoma City, I started watching the games casually. They were a close team and it was a big deal. Not much time passed before I fell in love with the team. Since that year, when they were a miserable 23-59, I've been glued to this franchise. Through the James Harden trade, Scott Brooks firing, among all the other external noise.
Today, the Oklahoma City Thunder face the biggest day in the history of the Franchise, and it's not any longer in their control.
Does KD stay? Does he go? Who knows.
This team will still be my team regardless of the decision, but it's sure going to make a tough pill to swallow if Durant goes to a fellow West power.
After spending the last four days stressing over the decision, fighting back and forth on which way he would lean, I had convinced myself he was leaving OKC. Convinced he was going to be swayed by the lights and money offers from elsewhere, but then I started thinking about what he means to Oklahoma City and what Oklahoma City means to Kevin Durant.
I don't own this tweet, but it sure resonated with me earlier.
Now, we just wait to see if KD realizes that he is OKC.

I then read about the connection that he's made with the kids of the community.
From there, I read his mom's connection and love for this Franchise and the reciprocated love from the fans to her. Durant is a sentimental guy, not like most superstars. This all means something to him. So while this is the toughest day on OKC, its fans, staff, and players, this is also hard on KD. Do you stay with the good thing that you've been a part of for eight years, or do you take a new path?
I hope that Durant loves OKC as much as the city loves him. Same for Mama Durant.

Yes, this was just after the Thunder were eliminated; however, I don't think it's just an emotional tweet. This team and city has embraced both KD and Wanda Durant.

I've been terrified to even put it into words, but I've got to for my own sanity, just to stop bouncing back and forth on what the decision will be. After reading about it, thinking about it, and watching predictions and salary cap projections, I really think that my prediction is ready.
Prediction: Kevin Durant STAYS in Oklahoma City.
and the WINNER IS? Sports fans around the United States and abroad. A small market team and franchise. Most of all though, Kevin Durant himself.